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takanome's Journal

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My interest in Animation augmented even more during my first year of college, in recent years there has been an increasing demand for animation in advertising and film so it has only encouraged me even more to study this subject at a higher level. It has been applied in many different ways over the last 50 years from the traditional 2D method to the 3D computer style. I've just completed Graphics Design as a National Diploma which was very enjoyable.
In the field of Animation I have developed a particular interest in character design; I enjoy creating new characters and bringing them to life. By continuing further education I see this course as a massive opportunity to gain the necessary experience and skills in working in a professional atmosphere.
My future plan is to be employed in a professional studio to work on major projects using my creativity and skills in addition I have a ambition to publish my own comic not only in the United Kingdom but the World en route to inspire younger readers.